Piotr Szultz, 'Zaczarowana dorożka'

About Me

In the years 1998-2003 M.A. degree in philosophy at the Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Philosophy (thesis: "The concept of rationality in classical economics"). In 1999-2005 Masters in Economics from the Catholic University of Lublin Faculty of Social Sciences (Master's Thesis: "Amartyi K. Sen's concept of research on poverty"). From 2003 to 2008 doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Catholic University of Lublin. Obtained his PhD on the work of "equality and benefit. Amartyi Kumar Sen's concept of distributive justice." In the period 2004-2008, an assistant in the Department of Ethics at the Faculty of Philosophy Detailed KUL. In October 2008 Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the Cracow University of Economics. Teaching experience: the applied ethics (Faculty of Philosophy KUL), exercises in the history of economic thought and business ethics seminar of the (Institute of Economics, Catholic University of Lublin).

My research interests revolve around social philosophy, ethics and philosophy of economics. In particular, they relate to the consequential ethics, the theory of distributive justice and the concept of rationality in economics.


Department of Philosophy UEK

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